IT Security – the latest challenge

Computer Security

IT Security (Photo credit: Don Hankins)

IT Security – the Latest Challenge

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IT security always remained an issue of strategic importance for any country or an organization, or at least since the computers are storing, connecting and sharing data across the continents through networks. Despite risks of phishing, malware, hacking, thefts of on-line identity and money, world nations have always overlooked IT security as an issue of national concern as trusted organizations dealt with it. But recent revelation of USA found snooping on to the other countries’ data and Uncle Sam pointing towards Huawei that the enterprise is spying on other countries the issue has regained the tag of hot topic of debate all over the world.

Hacking and the IT security

The term hacking represents the means of getting access to the data by overcoming the network security through weak points. Hacking can happen anywhere where the wireless or wired access to the networks is available and you are subscribing to it. You may get a mail with a hyper-link tempting you to get access to million dollars of bucks that are kept in store for you. Or without your knowledge the hacker may surpass your security using the network and tamper with the crucial documents. Providing security to your on-line data in such conditions is all what IT security about, but the scale may vary from an individual to the national.

White and Black Hat hackers are the terms used to name hackers who try to get access to the network for good and bad purpose, respectively. These hackers use vulnerability scanning tools to find the weak spots of an enterprise’s network security such as defects in system configuration and codes, and malware and patching updates that are missing. The availability of plethora of web applications to explore the vulnerable spots for hacking, has made the networks and data highly favorable targets to cripple a country’s economy.

There are active and passive vulnerability scanning tools that target busy and calm areas of the network to find IT security lapses. These tools are used together to generate report on the weak spots of the network and care is a must to decipher the reports as system files may also be reported by them. To be more effective these tools need human intervention to find risks more accurately as the tools are more of identifying unlike blocking of the attacks done by firewalls.

World towards IT security

World countries such as UK, Australia, India, Africa and Singapore gave a mixed response on the issue with India planning to develop a body called National Cyber Coordination Centre (NCCC) to assess IT security threats; Singapore and Africa calling for action on lapses on IT security. In the meanwhile, the USA defended its actions as for a good cause and the Huawei rejected the accusation by USA and expressed its wish to explore other means of on-line security.

Besides all these a latest report by China says, bit coins, the virtual currencies, used in on-line financial transactions have become the most favorable target of hackers. To achieve their missions the hackers use botnet computers, the computers connected to network that are used by them to transmit viruses or spam messages to other computers without the knowledge of the user. All these have raised concerns about the IT security and increased the demand for people qualified for identifying and overcoming such threats.

Various courses – direct and online – are available that can help you become a qualified IT security professional. You can search the internet for more details on IT security and hacking and the institutions that are offering courses on them.

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Tips to Building High Performance Teams

Team Building with East Coast Adventure

Building High Performance Teams: Team Building with East Coast Adventure (Photo credit: East Coast Adventure)

Tips to Building High Performance Teams

Building Teams|High Performance Teams

Building high performance team in the recent times when organizations and business enterprises are blooming enormously and creating innumerable employment opportunities have become a necessity for any organization. Organizational structure has changed from traditional to modern and has become more complex with the blending of computers and automation. Building high performance team and managing it in an organization has also become quite challenging with changed work flow and the needs of the business. In general organizations have distinct structure defined as horizontals and verticals involving the employees involved in it. To effectively manage the workforce and reach the required target one needs to have knack to build and manage a team.

Building high performance team and managing it are very important steps in achieving the organizational goals and in becoming a successful manager or a team leader. Consider any organization, you will find a team, a lead, a supervisor, and a manager, but to bring harmony among your team mates and to make them work towards reaching the targets you need to have leadership quality and knowledge of building teams.

An army of deer led by a lion is more to be feared than an army of lions led by a deer

-Phillip of Macedonia

Teams managed improperly or by inefficiently can lead to burnout and low performance of workforce and thus cause excessive burden to the organization. Here are some of the points to build high performance teams which if followed can make you tick among all.

  1. It is always advised to select the candidate with good social skills as a lone player cannot do much where a collaborative effort is required. Select team that can bond well with each other as their collective behaviors drive the efforts to success; but always remember that a doer is better than an onlooker and give the better player a right place in the organization.
  2. Victimization of a team member cannot also be accepted in a team setup as your team’s abilities will become handicapped.
  3. Building a strong team is about telling the team about maintaining the legacy of the company.
  4. Concentrating on achieving the organizational goals and defining clearly the role of an individual in the process is highly important as it can prevent conflicts and distractions from goals.
  5. Some are more equal than others – this can be true when high performers are concerned.
  6. Concentrate on bringing the best out of the weakest performer and where the person can give the best.
  7. Make your team realize that tougher the challenge sweetest will be the success both in terms of competitors as well as the organizational goals.
  8. Always make sure that you and your team share only constructive comments.
  9. Make your team learn new skills and give them enough support till they start performing in the new work environment.
  10. Make the work environment safe and lively and involve activities that strengthen the team.

Implementing the above points and continuously evolving from above basics can make you a better team lead and a manager. You can learn more about building high performance teams through sources available on-line.

Fishing – a Wonderful Hobby

English: Fishing Equipment at the head of Loch...

English: Fishing Equipment at the head of Loch Eynort. Lobster pots and an old boat at the end of the public road. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fishing – a Wonderful Hobby

Fishing | Water| River| Hobby | Nature | Bait

Amidst our daily hustle bustle of life it is natural that you forgot about how beautiful and soothing is the nature. A day out in nature can take you away from this buzzing world and make you energized. Fishing is one such a wonderful, recreational outdoor activity and a hobby that can make you come back to your lively normal self.

A mere mention of the word ‘fishing’ would make your thoughts flow to some beautiful hilly land with large pine trees and a soft cover of tender green grass; where a wide stream of cold and crystal clear water is rushing into the lowland, baring the soil of grass, overcoming the obstacles and reducing them into oval pebbles. You might see fishes either as swimming in shallow water or performing somersaults, or just mere water bubbles on the surface where they are swimming.

Old memories

You might remember the day when your father took you all to a picnic and just a few feet away from the shore of that famous pond you saw a man in dirty clothes and a hat, standing in water, holding fishing bait and concentrating on the bait. You knew without even your father needing to say that he was fishing. You stared at the water where the bait dipped, wondering about the kind of fish his hook may pull out – a salmon, a sardine or a tuna! And then your attention came back to the world when your father said, ‘let’s go’, but without himself making any effort to move.

Feeling nostalgic! You can bring back those old memories and cherish them again. What you just need to do is – just get yourself a fishing bait and drive with your family to some pleasant spot – a pond or a shallow river.

A great learning experience

Fishing can teach you a lot of things about nature – the dangers, the survival, the pleasure, the hobby and the beauty of life. Make sure that you are safe while you do fishing as wild animals such as bears and big cats usually prowl or wait for their prey near water bodies. It is always better having a company of people who can help you in danger.

Fishing in wilderness or in river water is very dangerous as there are chances that crocodiles or alligators lurk out for an ambush. Even in places near your home you might see a snake if there is a water body nearby or see marshy areas that can pull the anyone inside. There are many such cases where people have either sunk or confronted wild animals.

Preparing yourself for such a situation and keeping ready the things of help is very important. Here are some tips that can make your fishing activity safe and pleasant.


  • Get yourself a fishing license if your country needs you to have it for fishing.
  • Wear clothes that can protect you from extremes of the climates. Keeping a supply of warm clothes and hot beverages is very good idea.
  • Visit some good store and get yourself a durable good quality fishing bait.
  • If you do not know swimming please stay away from water or be with  those who know how to rescue a drowning person. Wear floating gears when you enter water.
  • If a person comes to pull you out from water try to reach the front or rear end of the boat, slowly by holding on to the boat and then climb or else the boat may capsize.
  • Look for the depth and force of the current as these can change suddenly. Never go near strong current and whirlpools.
  • In case someone is drowning try to stand on firm ground and reach that person with things such as strong long branches or throw rope.
  • While fishing stand on a firm ground so a big fish or a creäture do not pull you inside the water.
  • Avoid fishing on boat. In case you feel strong pull towards water you can cut the baiting thread if there is sharp knife or scissor with you.
  • Keeping a snake antidote is very useful. Be aware of your surrounding and be with a company of those who can help you and your family in case of any emergency.

Enjoy your fishing and write to me about your experience. I am sure you are hearing the gurgling and roaring of river water. Happy Fishing.

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