Laws of Flaws

Peculiar trait of individuals with flawed nature is, they spend their lives pointing out petty flaws in others or showing them as flawed.

A serious handicap they own is, being blind to their own world of flaws.

Thoughts for Life

Never take decisions at night for the things that affect you during the day. That’s because when your emotions are at peak it’s more likely that you may exaggerate and do things which are far from your natural behavior.

If you are taking decisions in the morning for the things that are going to affect your nights, better to postpone them till the night. Because, that’s the right time to let your emotions work with your mind to bring out the better solution.

Vinod Kumar Acharya

Making of an Alien

If you can fight the reality with lies
Battle justice with injustice
Remain undeterred even when
Walking on the wrong path
Feeling powerful while
Trampling the weak

Then you’ve the qualities of
A mysterious creature with abilities
To walk on the shoulders of innocent
To match the people of greed
To deceive trusted ones with ease

Expressing your chameleon side
Shamelessly feeling comfortable
Confidently beaming with dark side
With no hope left for you to recover
Others to prevent possession from devil
To turn you into a better human being
For you’ve already become politician
An alien in the face of humanity

Obesity and diabetes health tips

Beat obesity in the long run with Ayurveda

Obesity not only makes you feel shy about yourself in social gatherings, but also brings other health problems like joint pain and heart attack. In the market you’ll find many shortcuts to lose weight, but are big failures in the long run and unsafe. Ayurveda believes, it is a condition of abnormal body weight caused due to imbalance of kapha, vata and pitha, and suggests panchakarma, proper diet and healthy lifestyle for healthy wellbeing of the individual.

Cut prosperity, protect your bones

Surprised? Many people consider obesity as an expression of prosperity, but what they don’t know is, it can cause bone loss and arthritis! Our body is supported by a framework of bones called skeleton with a certain capacity to bear load. When the bodyweight increases, bones and joints take the toll resulting in arthritis and fracture. Maintaining healthy bodyweight ensures healthier bones.

Include fibrous foods, eliminate toxins

Fibrous food is essential to induce digestion of foods, absorption of nutrients and elimination of wastes. Impaired digestion leads to health problems like constipation, abnormal accumulation of fats, improper digestion, and vomiting. These days you’ll find canned foods containing gluten with little or no fibrous content; your favorite noodles, bread, macaroni or burger come under this category. Following healthy diet regimen containing fibre-rich diet health is a must to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Exercise regularly, keep your heart safe

Leading a couch potato life, gorging on junk food exposes you to cardiac health problems. Exercising regularly burns fat and pumps in good hormones to keep your heart healthy. It also fine tunes your body making your blood vessels work efficiently eliminating risks that need surgical interventions like angioplasty to save life.

Bitter gourd can reduce diabetes risk

Health problems like diabetes can make you permanently dependant on regular insulin shots. Do you know, one of most avoided vegetable like bitter gourd can save your life? Bitter gourd contains a compound called charantin that reduces blood glucose by increasing insulin level. Insulin breaks down glucose thus helping you avoid dependency on regular insulin shots for controlling glucose surges.

Go Hitchhiking… Ride without money!

Go Hitchhiking… Ride without money!

Hitch hiking | travel | tour | distance | destination

Did you ever met people asking for a ride, with their thumbs up, while holidaying with your family; or found yourself helplessly begging for help to reach your lodge! Such ways of travelling to reach nearby college, signal, petrol bunk, service or railway station or any other place is called  “hitchhiking.”

Hitchhiking is a non-formal travel means, asking strangers for a ride in their vehicles to travel a distance that is either short or long. But the main purpose is to reach your destination with little cost. Hitchhiking became common during the years of Great Depression in US when people had very less job options and started migrating towards other parts of the country to find employment.

During those times the Federal Government gave its acceptance for hitchhiking when Federal Transient Bureau was handling the migration of unemployed persons. Federal Transient Bureau gave food and shelter to the transients till the year 1936. But problems started when some persons who posed as hitchhikers started robbing and even murdering the drivers. There were instances where drivers committed crime on hitchhikers.

Hitchhiking is about travelling without paying money that may involve some interesting discussions with the driver. The discussions may involve telling the purpose of travel, or something interesting about your place and people, or about worldly things. Sometimes the driver may feel happy just for having the company of the new person.

But in some parts of Central Asia they may charge some amount, especially if the hitchhiker is a foreigner. In one movie “It Happened One Night” female hitchhikers exposed their legs to get a ride. Many authors have even written books on hitchhiking such as Jack Kerouac who immortalized it by his book “On the Road”, and Roald Dahl wrote in his book “The Hitchhiker” the stories one may hear while giving someone a ride.

Hitch hiking in some countries

Hitchhiking gestures vary across countries, and a normal gesture in one country is taboo elsewhere. Cultural differences or obscene meaning associated with it is the reason for that. Different gestures are used to hitchhike. For e.g., in US, one may gesture with thumb up; in South America they may show back of one’s hand with the index finger pointing up; in Israel, one may hold one’s fist out with the index finger pointing towards the way; in India, people may gesture in an US way or may wave one’s hands, moving their down facing palm up and down.

In China, you cannot consider covering many miles hitchhiking and trying it in Tibet is also banned. In Thailand, using left hand gesture is of no use as its only use is for bodily uses. People in Italy may consider showing of thumb as an offensive sexual sign. In Greece nodding of one’s head sideways means “yes”.

Hitchhiking in France’s Mediterranean coast is pleasurable, where you’ll find many cars and friendly people. In countries like Germany you have to ask people for ride instead of standing and making gestures, exceptions for this are the countries such as Australia or New Zealand. For hitchhiking two is the maximum limit of people.

Hitchhiking is both an adventure as well as a challenge as it involves extensive travelling with comfortable and rough, good well as bad experiences. In UK, thousands of students involve in it and travel thousands of miles; Durham University started a competition, where one who travelled farthest without spending any money was awarded the title of best hitchhiker.

Hitchhiking is a beautiful experience if one is not rushing for some job or some work. It is a feeling of freedom as one  will be moving in an unconventional way, and having a close encounters with nature, people, society and the world. Those who just do it for the sake of adventure go all out for it and find summer as the best time.

In India many go for adventure tours or  visit holy places. Hitchhiking is possible in any part of the world and connecting with people is the key that will make your hitchhiking more easy and pleasant. If you are smart enough you can complete the whole trip hitchhiking. But make sure you know some important things beforehand to make their trip safe and enjoyable.

Hitchhiking Tips:

  • Take precautions and be prepared to walk all the way if you don’t get a ride. Don’t be demanding if one doesn’t agree. In some countries hitchhiking or standing for the same in highways is illegal.
  • Get one good map which shows important things such as places for boarding and lodging in more detail.
  • Scan your ID (visa and passport, if travelling internationally) and keep a soft copy in your e-mail.
  • Keep bank account & customer care number of your credit and debit card before you leave; if it is lost you can call and immediately freeze your account. Have enough money, but do not carry valuables.
  • Keep flash light, good bright clothes to suit that climate, things for protection against rain, and sufficient food and drink. Stealing is the left out option if all food options vanish.
  • Keep a tent and a soft handy sleeping bag if you don’t get place for sleep. Keep your luggage and money close to you. Wash your clothes where possible or keep some extra clothes. Can get bath in public toilets or in pools. Travel light.
  • Pack some pepper spray or penknife if you meet a shady person, on or off the road. Women should wear either wedding ring or some ornament of marriage, and have a ready-made line of words ready that makes the other person know that her spouse is waiting at the destination. Take a front seat as back seat will have child lock and in case of problem it would be difficult to come out.
  • Make a sign in a cardboard by permanent marker for making them read and understand as you are literate and safe for a ride.
  • Find a good place for hitchhiking such as near gas stations, picnic areas, border of town that is away from bus stops and city limits in the direction in which you have to move.
  • Dress yourself neatly, don’t drink, and try not to get drenched; avoid looking like a jailbreak or like freak. Confirm where they are going before taking a ride.
  • Make an eye contact and keep a pleasant smile. Talk with the driver in a friendly way.

Say No to Saliva Contaminated Food

Say No to Saliva Contaminated Food

Recently, I was watching this Hollywood movie “The 13th Warrior” with friends and in this particular scene, the warriors spat and blew their noses into a communal water basin and drank from it, my stomach wriggled. That scene also reminded me of a birthday party in a media company where people shared the cake tasted by others, a saliva contaminated one !!!


Sharing foods is not a bad idea, when it is for the needy ones and is hygienic. But occasions such as party, especially the ones involving close friends and acquaintances, are potential situations where saliva contamination can occur. Sometimes, a management’s interested in advertising their fun office culture, or people considering it as a way to develop closer bonds.

I am of the view that consuming saliva contaminated foods is risky as saliva harbors harmful bacteria and viruses. It need not be only through foods bitten by others, but also through hands or fingers that hold the foods and reach the mouth. I have always been an avid follower of topics related to science, medicine and hygiene, and unhygienic food habits make me wonder if people truly are aware of health risks or not.

Some may or may not feel the same way, but the medical facts about diseases that spread through saliva are here to stay. But I am confident, there are millions who share the same view as of mine.

Cultures & their influence

Cultures affect people’s lifestyles and you can see them in their peculiar behaviors & traditions. Recent trends in changing lifestyles show that the world is gradually drifting towards west. Here are some surprising ones.

  • Japanese bowing at each other to greet and use chopsticks to eat.

  • African tribals rub each others’ nose to greet.

  • Americans shake hands, hug or make each others’ cheeks touch to greet (but sometime go overboard like Mr. Obama kissed Aung San Suu Kyi).

  • Indians fold their palms to convey ‘namaskar.’

Hygienic habits such as washing hands, keeping surroundings clean are better ways to keep disease at bay, whereas spitting pan on walls, urinating in public places, so on are dirty and can become breeding grounds of diseases!!!

Saliva contains bacteria and viruses that can potentially carry health problems such as cold, fever (glandular), herpes infection, meningococcal disease, hepatitis B, warts and so on. Saliva contamination or unhygienic health conditions or water can also cause jaundice.

How it can happen?

Saliva exchange can happen in many ways – kissing, sharing foods, so on… Some may find them as ways to connect with people, but potential dangers wait for their turn to take control of your body resistance!


As is obvious from the above situations that there’s no substitute for hygienic food habits and lifestyle. Practice healthy lifestyle and keep diseases at bay.

iPhone 4S features

English: An iPhone 4S on its setup screen.

English: An iPhone 4S on its setup screen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

iPhone 4S Features

Tags: iPhone 4S features, iPhone 4S options, iPhone 4S review, iPhone 4S article, iPhone 4S blog

iPhone 4S has been in demand even though it is already two years since its launch on October 04, 2011. iPhones 4 and 5 come packed with some of the refined features of 4S. iPhone 4S also offers a strong competition to Samsung Galaxy S2 and Nokia Lumia. It holds some of the best features in terms of camera, processor, operating system, body, and so on.

For those who expected a complete overhaul in design over iPhone 4 the 4S may not come as a drastic change as there is not much to offer in this domain. But holding iPhone 4S will give you a solid feel due to its stainless steel body and you will always feel like a proud owner. Its flat scratch-resistant glass back marks the entry of a true fifth generation mobile phone in terms of design.

Power/lock button, headphone jack and microphone options are at the top side of the phone. Your callers can now hear your voice free from disturbances. You can now easily slip your phone in your shirt pocket without bothering to remove your headphone from the jack even while travelling.

4S retina display lets you watch crystal clear images and videos. You can boast of camera quality of 4S as it giveg tough competition to the companies solely devoted to manufacturing advanced cameras, as the photos and videos are absolutely out of the world experience. Its Corning Gorilla Glass display can withstand all wear and tear with ease, so your phone will look new for years.

Its 16/32/64 GB storage to allows you store your favorite photos, eBooks, movies and videos as well as comes in your budget. Micro SIM card slot is at the right side of the phone which lets you remove card with tool or a paperclip.

iPhone 4S has with Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A processor that runs your tools with ease. You can expect the 4S graphics to be seven times better than its older versions. 4S has iOS 5.1.1 that lets you send unlimited text messages to other iOS phones using iMessage program. Multitasking with 4S is very easy with just a second needed to switch between apps.

Above features will sure make you yearn to get this gadget in your hand, but you may like to give a second consideration about the price where iPhone 4S bites your pocket.


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