How to Grow your Children?

Children Painting

Children Painting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


How to Grow your Children?


At one or the other point of life you might have wondered on how mysteriously and swiftly the time passes and things change in your life! Your cheeks that were so smooth during your childhood lose their smoothness and develop wrinkles, and the your voice tone changes from smooth to coarse in men and to shrill in women. You will find that you have lost your innocence somewhere in the wilderness of life and have piled up a huge garbage of guilt and sins. Here in this blog you will discover some of the aspects related to how to let your child grow.


Human beings, like all other animals have phases of life such as infancy, teenage, adulthood, and old age. You grow unaware of the changes that are gradually happening in your life as well as in others’, and will ponder at those who opine that you have a grownup lot. You pursue your education, take up jobs, and reach a stage when you marry someone you love and have children. Then it comes a time when you experience what your parents have undergone while bringing you up. You will begin to feel that your children are the biggest challenges to deal with! You will wonder at their energy levels and become frustrated when their wish list seems endless.


You try to put restrictions on our children and your children look at you as if they are looking at some monster! It is true that with time human memory decreases and you tend to forget most of the things that you have learnt over time; you will also forget how you behaved when you were a child. The problem arises here when parents fail to understand their children. To add to this problem our education system differentiates children based on the scores obtained in some exams, while each child will have its own personality, skill sets, and strengths and weaknesses.


Children are very sensitive to their surroundings and learn from each incidence that happens around them. It also is a fact that father and mother are the first teachers for their children. Science has found that it is so even in animals; newborns follow their parents, watch their every move and do exactly as their parents behave, and you can check this out yourself. Just bring a newly hatched chick, separate it from its mother, and stay with this chick for sometime and it will consider you like its parent and will follow you wherever you go.


This is the way young ones learn new things from its surroundings. If parents shout at each other, then their children perceive that it is an ideal way a husband and a wife should behave. If parents use bad words then children will learn that too. It is also very important to note that parents are not the only one from whom children learn things; the surroundings, friends, relatives, neighbors, and teachers also influence the children and their learning.


A teacher may find that his/her student is using bad words or abusing his classmates, and wonder how can it happen when no teacher could have taught all that. But it will also be a fact that the student has learnt it somehow from somewhere! Parents may find that they have never used bad words against their children but their children are using swear words.


It is time to know that the children learn from their surroundings and if you want to grow your children in a particular way you must create an environment which is conducive to such a growth. If children fight then you should tell and make them understand the rights and the wrongs. If you do not want your child to grow timid or abusive do not abuse your child or do not let others to do so. If you find that your child seems withdrawn, find out the reason and create a positive environment that acts as distraction from the troubles your child is facing.


Getting your child admitted to a yoga or a music class, swimming, sports or adventure club can do wonders and act as great stress buster to your child. Developing good reading habits and orientation towards God and spirituality can also instill good values in your child. It will also help your child grow healthy and strong, and develop skills that can help the child explore and strengthen the creativity.


Raising your child is not much different from growing a plant; a plant will grow using whatever it gets from the soil. If a plant gets good things it will bear good fruits, if they receive bad things you will get spoilt ones. What you sow, so shall you reap!


Vinod Kumar




Google Nexus 10 Features

Samsung –Google Unveils the Highest Resolution...

Samsung –Google Unveils the Highest Resolution Tablet Nexus 10 (Photo credit: samsungtomorrow)



Google Nexus 10 – Features, Reviews




Your long wait for Google Nexus 10 will very soon be over as the tablet is awaiting launch by as early as November 2012.  Many have been eagerly waiting for this tablet PC and there is a strong reason for it. It is because the features this tablet flaunts are quite intimidating even for iPad 4. With Nexus 10 you can watch crystal clear videos and images displayed at a 300 ppi (pixels per inch) resolution. If you are a frequent Skype user then this tab is custom-made for the purpose with 1.9 mega pixel camera at the front-end so that you have problem-free video conferencing. Your Nexus tab can help you capture the beautiful moments of your life with its 5 mega pixel camera at its back-end.




With some of the powerful features bundles in it you may even consider Nexus 10 as a monster in the tablet computer range. This tablet will have Exynos 5250 dual-core 1.7GHz processor and 2GB RAM for faster processing, so you can experience the speed in system operations and while you surf the internet.




Another important thing you would prefer to check in your gadget would be the storage capacity. Google Nexus 10 is available in two storage versions– 16 and 32GB; the main differences between these versions are their storage capacity and the price. The tablet with 16GB storage capacity is available at a price of $399 and the 32GB version is available for a $100 more.




Most of the tablets available in the market are vulnerable to scratches but with Nexus you do not have to worry about the problem as the gadget has very good scratch resistant display. In addition to all these features this tablet has a nice look; its soft plastic front and rear panels prevent the tablet from falling out of your hands. The tablet has 9 hours of battery life and hence you can use it for longer hours without the need to charge it often.




Google Nexus 10 allows you to read eBooks and on-line magazines, watch TV shows, browse Google maps, and get access to many attractive applications. If you are thinking of buying a tablet you may consider Google Nexus 10 for its high processing power, storage capacity, looks, etc. (I wonder if anything important is left mentioning!).




Vinod Kumar








AstroMaster 70 AZ Refractometer Telescope

AstroMaster 70 AZ Refractometer Telescope

A few days before I was wondering about what to give away as a gift to my younger brother who was turning 17th this year. At last I decided on the camera and was checking the Amazon website when my eyes fell on this AstroMaster 70 AZ Refractometer Telescope.

I was surprised at my luck as I recalled that my brother was always dreaming of a career in Astronomy and has a large collection of photos of constellations and galaxies.

I consulted my friend who was also very keen on stargazing. My friend gave me some points to look at while purchasing a telescope such as, sturdy and strong stand, and good magnifying power. He also warned me of many brands in the market which assure of light tripods and high magnifying powers, which may either break after sometime or may not have that resolution at all. He said I can try this AstroMaster.

I immediately ordered the product as I found the existing price $128.03 was very cool compared to its original price of $191.95. On the day when I gifted it my brother he was surprised and jumped with joy. Late at night when I was not able to find him at home my mother told me that he is on the terrace with the telescope. I approached him and found that he was glued to the AstroMaster and was gazing at the sky. He seemed like lost in some mysterious world. I had to shake him up to bring back to earth when he asked me to take a look at the Moon and the stars. To my amazement I was able to see the Moon and its craters very clearly. I tried locating Venus when its bright reticle easily showed the planet; constellations looked very close. I even tried watching ground objects which also looked like zoomed closer. My brother was very happy that we purchased the best telescope which has a good magnification around 165 times the normal. He showed me how smooth and accurately he can point the device using pan handle AltAz control by holding on to the clutch.

I was very happy that my brother liked the gift. As far as the AstroMaster is concerned I feel it is quite handy and easy to move; it is also quite sturdy and stable as it is mounted on a thick steel tripod. I felt that the erect image optics system is a very good option provided in the AstroMaster, which makes one to effortlessly view terrestrial and astronomical objects without pain in the neck. I also liked the 2-year warranty which the Celestron gives to its customers.

In spite of these advantages I felt that there are some drawbacks with the buying of AstroMaster 70 AZ Refractometer.

  • I found it difficult to fix the removable tray that snaps into the tripod stand.
  • I felt that the instructions provided were insufficient on using its battery-powered infrared eye piece.
  • It would have been better if a protective cap was provided for the 10 or 20mm lens provided in the eyepiece.
  • If carry case was provided along with the telescope, even for a few extra bucks, it would really have been helpful as it is very difficult to get it in the market.


Vinod Kumar


Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle and Food Habits

It is natural for most of us to have concerns about our health for now we have a number of health problems. Those who are thinking of the best way of maintaining good health may feel this article ‘Healthy Lifestyle,’ a sensible thing to read. Here I will be suggesting those things which are scientifically acceptable, practical and easy to follow. One should consider the rationale behind these before coming to any conclusions. So those interested just read on…

I have always believed that humans are a part of nature and that they have survived on this earth by staying on top of the food chain. But as times changed, the lifestyle changed and humans began to live an easy sedentary life and started gorging on processed foods. As a result we have become physically weak and vulnerable than of most of the animals in the animal kingdom.  We can even say that we have become so weak that we cannot survive without processed foods. The food on which the man survived during olden days has now become coarse and hard for direct consumption. As a result most of the natural foods such as milk, vegetables, meat, etc. as raw foods can cause health problems such as diarrhoea, constipation, infection, etc. But natural foods as well as healthy lifestyle are very essential for maintaining healthy body. Due to the absence of these two we have abundance of diseases like diabetes, eye problems, skin infections, weak bones and immune system, etc.

So what would be an ideal food for all, and what would be the steps one should take to have a healthy lifestyle?

Vegetarian Foods

Vegetables: Beans, Carrots, Cabbage, Lettuce, Broccoli, Brinjal, Beetroot, Radish, Peas, Drumsticks, Lady’s Finger, Cucumber, Turnips, Spinach, Soya beans, etc.

Cereals: Wheat, Oats, Rice, Barley, Millets, Maize, etc.

Non-Vegetarian Foods

Non-Vegetarian Food sources: Milk, Eggs, Fishes, Crabs, Chicken, Prawns, Mutton, etc.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Healthy lifestyle is all one needs to be healthy, and one must look for things that make it all happen. There are some key elements which makes unknowingly essential parts of our foods. Science has abundance of information about these essential elements (vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, etc.), which we must include in our daily diet to keep up good health. We should gradually try to make them part of our lives. Here are some steps one should take for maintaining healthy food habits and healthy lifestyle.

We should:

* Include variety of fresh, tender, well-washed vegetables in our regular diet.

*Always remember to include proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals in required proportions in the form of your above-mentioned natural foods.

*As far as possible avoid (canned/processed) junk foods.

*Exercise regularly to make the body absorb nutrients and be fit.

*Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

*Have good habits and friends.

*Quit smoking and excessive alcohol.

*Get at least 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep every day.

*Last but not least, always think healthy, think God.


Vinod Kumar

Eco-friendly & Fuel-efficient Bikes

Environmental-friendly Bikes Fuel-efficient Bikes Eco-friendly Bikes Hydrogen-powered Bikes Water-run BikesWater-fueled Bikes

If I bet someone to name the metallic creature that roams on earth I may very easily lose. Yes… As you all guessed I am talking about that sheer, mean metallic creature which we all call a ‘bike.’ It will be cruel if one do not make out the puzzle as bikes are universally adored and admired. When I think of bikes, pictures of Ducati, Harley Davidson, Triumph, Gareware, Royal Enfield, and our own Bajaj flash in my mind.

Bikes have always been a craze to me. Their design, maneuverability, nimbleness, and power have always grabbed my attention. Most of the times when I travel in city roads my eyes search for these metallic creatures which whiz pass on roads and sometimes even on footpaths. But I always felt that something really is missing in their designs, power, and fuel-efficiency.

In these times of skyrocketing fuel prices and jam-packed traffic one may think hundred times before going for a buy and may finally end up deciding against buying one. Besides these issues there might be environmental concerns too. So the need for fuel-efficient and powerful bikes with good designs has been there since long. Hence comes the need for solar-, electric- , and hydrogen-powered vehicles to fill that gap. While solar vehicles are less efficient and need to take long to make it to the market, hydrogen and electric-powered bikes are already making the news. Some of these bikes I discuss here can help raise one’s spirits in terms of eco-friendliness as well as fuel-efficiency.

Hydrogen-Powered Bikes:

Hydrogen-powered bikes are the dream bikes that were in wait since very long. But that long wait it over as you have some of these kind roaming in one part of the world. These hydrogen-powered bikes use Hydrogen and normal air as fuel release water as emission. These vehicles are light, durable, efficient, sporty, eco-friendly, and fuel-efficient. Some of the big names in this category are EnvBike by Intelligent Energy and Crosscage by Suzuki.

  • EnvBikes:

EnvBike are world’s first Hydrogen powered bikes made by Intelligent Energy. This bike stands on a basic principle that the electrochemical reaction between Hydrogen and Oxygen produces electricity, which makes the vehicle run without CO2 emissions.

Black and White EnvBikes

Check out these sites for Envbikes:

EnvBike is cool and slick, and you can ride it for around 4 hours at just 3$ Hydrogen. Believe me… this bike really blew me out of this world with its amazing design and fuel efficiency. This bike has been under long wait in Indian market, but it seems like my waiting is becoming endless. But there is some good news too. Suzuki is working on to bring this concept bike into production.

You can check out following videos:

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Bike

James May – Hydrogen Cell Bike video


Suzuki Crosscage is a 125cc bike from Suzuki which is sleek and belongs to Hydrogen-powered bike category. It has slightly fleshy and bulky body with design similar to that of gasoline-powered Suzuki bikes.  With single tank of Hydrogen, Crosscage will let you ride upto 200km. Don’t you think this is amazing as it is eco-friendly and fuel-efficient too!?

Check out these sites for Suzuki Crosscage versions:

Electric-Powered Bike:

If you feel you need something different from these Hydrogen powered vehicles, you can check out electric-powered ones. Electric-powered scooters and cars have been on roads since many years, and bikes are the latest in this category.

  • Inertia-Plus:

Inertia-Plus is an electric-powered bike from Brammo. The bike is gorgeous and powerful, and comes in sporty colors and designs. With a complete charge the bike may run around 124 miles. On the cost-side, the purchasing of this bike is quite discouraging as it comes with a price tag of around 11,000$. But as the bike is in its infant stage the price may stay for some time and gradually may decrease with improvisation and growth in the market. As electrical cells come with chemicals which do not emit smokes these bikes can also be considered as eco-friendly and fuel-efficient.

Check out these sites for Inertia Plus:


Vinod Kumar

Independence Day Wishes

It is a pleasure to celebrate 65th Independence Day of India. But it is indeed equally embarrassing by the way political leadership is managing the problems of the country. Anyways, lets hope this year be the beginning of a new era of corrupt free governance in India, for which the foundation has already been laid by only able Lokayuktha Justice Santhosh Hegde. And lets hope that the country’s noble citizens’  dream of livable country become a reality.

Wish you all a very Happy 65th Independence Day!!!

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Independence day Wishes

It’s 14th August and just only one day is left for Independence Day celebrations. It feels nice as I have once been in NCC when I was in my school days, and cherish those days now also. We used to wake up early when everyone else were sleeping, used to get ready with uniforms, did rehearsals in school till perfection to present our performance in the Independence Day celebrations. But time changes and with the current murky political situations and our corrupt political representatives I think nothing better can happen in the country. But there is still hope with Anna Hazare and the youths supporting him to fight corruption and relieve the country of deep-rooted disease that is corruption. Lets hope for the best with the famous song “all is well” as in the movie ‘3 idiots.’

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