Laws of Flaws

Peculiar trait of individuals with flawed nature is, they spend their lives pointing out petty flaws in others or showing them as flawed.

A serious handicap they own is, being blind to their own world of flaws.

Thoughts for Life

Never take decisions at night for the things that affect you during the day. That’s because when your emotions are at peak it’s more likely that you may exaggerate and do things which are far from your natural behavior.

If you are taking decisions in the morning for the things that are going to affect your nights, better to postpone them till the night. Because, that’s the right time to let your emotions work with your mind to bring out the better solution.

Vinod Kumar Acharya

Making of an Alien

If you can fight the reality with lies
Battle justice with injustice
Remain undeterred even when
Walking on the wrong path
Feeling powerful while
Trampling the weak

Then you’ve the qualities of
A mysterious creature with abilities
To walk on the shoulders of innocent
To match the people of greed
To deceive trusted ones with ease

Expressing your chameleon side
Shamelessly feeling comfortable
Confidently beaming with dark side
With no hope left for you to recover
Others to prevent possession from devil
To turn you into a better human being
For you’ve already become politician
An alien in the face of humanity

Independence Day Wishes

It is a pleasure to celebrate 65th Independence Day of India. But it is indeed equally embarrassing by the way political leadership is managing the problems of the country. Anyways, lets hope this year be the beginning of a new era of corrupt free governance in India, for which the foundation has already been laid by only able Lokayuktha Justice Santhosh Hegde. And lets hope that the country’s noble citizens’  dream of livable country become a reality.

Wish you all a very Happy 65th Independence Day!!!

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Independence day Wishes

It’s 14th August and just only one day is left for Independence Day celebrations. It feels nice as I have once been in NCC when I was in my school days, and cherish those days now also. We used to wake up early when everyone else were sleeping, used to get ready with uniforms, did rehearsals in school till perfection to present our performance in the Independence Day celebrations. But time changes and with the current murky political situations and our corrupt political representatives I think nothing better can happen in the country. But there is still hope with Anna Hazare and the youths supporting him to fight corruption and relieve the country of deep-rooted disease that is corruption. Lets hope for the best with the famous song “all is well” as in the movie ‘3 idiots.’

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