AstroMaster 70 AZ Refractometer Telescope

AstroMaster 70 AZ Refractometer Telescope

A few days before I was wondering about what to give away as a gift to my younger brother who was turning 17th this year. At last I decided on the camera and was checking the Amazon website when my eyes fell on this AstroMaster 70 AZ Refractometer Telescope.

I was surprised at my luck as I recalled that my brother was always dreaming of a career in Astronomy and has a large collection of photos of constellations and galaxies.

I consulted my friend who was also very keen on stargazing. My friend gave me some points to look at while purchasing a telescope such as, sturdy and strong stand, and good magnifying power. He also warned me of many brands in the market which assure of light tripods and high magnifying powers, which may either break after sometime or may not have that resolution at all. He said I can try this AstroMaster.

I immediately ordered the product as I found the existing price $128.03 was very cool compared to its original price of $191.95. On the day when I gifted it my brother he was surprised and jumped with joy. Late at night when I was not able to find him at home my mother told me that he is on the terrace with the telescope. I approached him and found that he was glued to the AstroMaster and was gazing at the sky. He seemed like lost in some mysterious world. I had to shake him up to bring back to earth when he asked me to take a look at the Moon and the stars. To my amazement I was able to see the Moon and its craters very clearly. I tried locating Venus when its bright reticle easily showed the planet; constellations looked very close. I even tried watching ground objects which also looked like zoomed closer. My brother was very happy that we purchased the best telescope which has a good magnification around 165 times the normal. He showed me how smooth and accurately he can point the device using pan handle AltAz control by holding on to the clutch.

I was very happy that my brother liked the gift. As far as the AstroMaster is concerned I feel it is quite handy and easy to move; it is also quite sturdy and stable as it is mounted on a thick steel tripod. I felt that the erect image optics system is a very good option provided in the AstroMaster, which makes one to effortlessly view terrestrial and astronomical objects without pain in the neck. I also liked the 2-year warranty which the Celestron gives to its customers.

In spite of these advantages I felt that there are some drawbacks with the buying of AstroMaster 70 AZ Refractometer.

  • I found it difficult to fix the removable tray that snaps into the tripod stand.
  • I felt that the instructions provided were insufficient on using its battery-powered infrared eye piece.
  • It would have been better if a protective cap was provided for the 10 or 20mm lens provided in the eyepiece.
  • If carry case was provided along with the telescope, even for a few extra bucks, it would really have been helpful as it is very difficult to get it in the market.


Vinod Kumar


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