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Samsung –Google Unveils the Highest Resolution...

Samsung –Google Unveils the Highest Resolution Tablet Nexus 10 (Photo credit: samsungtomorrow)



Google Nexus 10 – Features, Reviews




Your long wait for Google Nexus 10 will very soon be over as the tablet is awaiting launch by as early as November 2012.  Many have been eagerly waiting for this tablet PC and there is a strong reason for it. It is because the features this tablet flaunts are quite intimidating even for iPad 4. With Nexus 10 you can watch crystal clear videos and images displayed at a 300 ppi (pixels per inch) resolution. If you are a frequent Skype user then this tab is custom-made for the purpose with 1.9 mega pixel camera at the front-end so that you have problem-free video conferencing. Your Nexus tab can help you capture the beautiful moments of your life with its 5 mega pixel camera at its back-end.




With some of the powerful features bundles in it you may even consider Nexus 10 as a monster in the tablet computer range. This tablet will have Exynos 5250 dual-core 1.7GHz processor and 2GB RAM for faster processing, so you can experience the speed in system operations and while you surf the internet.




Another important thing you would prefer to check in your gadget would be the storage capacity. Google Nexus 10 is available in two storage versions– 16 and 32GB; the main differences between these versions are their storage capacity and the price. The tablet with 16GB storage capacity is available at a price of $399 and the 32GB version is available for a $100 more.




Most of the tablets available in the market are vulnerable to scratches but with Nexus you do not have to worry about the problem as the gadget has very good scratch resistant display. In addition to all these features this tablet has a nice look; its soft plastic front and rear panels prevent the tablet from falling out of your hands. The tablet has 9 hours of battery life and hence you can use it for longer hours without the need to charge it often.




Google Nexus 10 allows you to read eBooks and on-line magazines, watch TV shows, browse Google maps, and get access to many attractive applications. If you are thinking of buying a tablet you may consider Google Nexus 10 for its high processing power, storage capacity, looks, etc. (I wonder if anything important is left mentioning!).




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