Tips to Building High Performance Teams

Team Building with East Coast Adventure

Building High Performance Teams: Team Building with East Coast Adventure (Photo credit: East Coast Adventure)

Tips to Building High Performance Teams

Building Teams|High Performance Teams

Building high performance team in the recent times when organizations and business enterprises are blooming enormously and creating innumerable employment opportunities have become a necessity for any organization. Organizational structure has changed from traditional to modern and has become more complex with the blending of computers and automation. Building high performance team and managing it in an organization has also become quite challenging with changed work flow and the needs of the business. In general organizations have distinct structure defined as horizontals and verticals involving the employees involved in it. To effectively manage the workforce and reach the required target one needs to have knack to build and manage a team.

Building high performance team and managing it are very important steps in achieving the organizational goals and in becoming a successful manager or a team leader. Consider any organization, you will find a team, a lead, a supervisor, and a manager, but to bring harmony among your team mates and to make them work towards reaching the targets you need to have leadership quality and knowledge of building teams.

An army of deer led by a lion is more to be feared than an army of lions led by a deer

-Phillip of Macedonia

Teams managed improperly or by inefficiently can lead to burnout and low performance of workforce and thus cause excessive burden to the organization. Here are some of the points to build high performance teams which if followed can make you tick among all.

  1. It is always advised to select the candidate with good social skills as a lone player cannot do much where a collaborative effort is required. Select team that can bond well with each other as their collective behaviors drive the efforts to success; but always remember that a doer is better than an onlooker and give the better player a right place in the organization.
  2. Victimization of a team member cannot also be accepted in a team setup as your team’s abilities will become handicapped.
  3. Building a strong team is about telling the team about maintaining the legacy of the company.
  4. Concentrating on achieving the organizational goals and defining clearly the role of an individual in the process is highly important as it can prevent conflicts and distractions from goals.
  5. Some are more equal than others – this can be true when high performers are concerned.
  6. Concentrate on bringing the best out of the weakest performer and where the person can give the best.
  7. Make your team realize that tougher the challenge sweetest will be the success both in terms of competitors as well as the organizational goals.
  8. Always make sure that you and your team share only constructive comments.
  9. Make your team learn new skills and give them enough support till they start performing in the new work environment.
  10. Make the work environment safe and lively and involve activities that strengthen the team.

Implementing the above points and continuously evolving from above basics can make you a better team lead and a manager. You can learn more about building high performance teams through sources available on-line.

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